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"A Systems and Process Model for Database"
John Peter Lee
April 1998

Database exploration is the process of extracting knowledge from databases using visual, analytic and database tools. Database exploration has two main modeling components: a systems integration model that integrates the various tools in support of data exploration tasks, and a user-centered model of the data exploration process itself.

This thesis takes a dual approach to database exploration by:

  1. developing and implementing a systems integration model based on data exploration tasks, and
  2. defining a generalized data exploration process model that captures the essence of data exploration sessions.

The systems integration model maps between the data models and interaction styles of database and visualization exploration domains. The process model describes data exploration without regard for the exploration domain. Two key components of the process model are a set of exploration domain-independent metrics that characterize elements of the process, and a set of data exploration interaction patterns that characterize database exploration sessions. The generalized process model is then applied to the systems model and implementation

The dissertation is organized into the following .pdf files:

  1. Cover pages and TOC (22K)
  2. Chapter 1 - Introduction (19K)
  3. Chapter 2 - Literature Review (155K)
  4. Chapter 3 - A Systems Model for Database Exploration (753K)
  5. Chapter 4 - A Generalized Data Exploration (GDE) Model (127K)
  6. Chapter 5 - Describing Data Exploration Sessions (139K)
  7. Chapter 6 - Applying the GDE Model and Metrics (132K)
  8. Chapter 7 - Conclusion (45K)
  9. References (35K)
  10. Additional References and Author Bio (6K)