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Research Staff and Students
Associated Faculty


Dr. Georges Grinstein - Director and Professor(CS)
Dr. Haim Levkowitz - Co-director and AssociateProfessor (CS)
Dr. Ronald Pickett- Professor (Psychology)
Dr. Stuart Smith - Professor (CS)
Dr. Laurence Smith - Associate Professor (Psychology, UMaine)

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Research Staff and Students

Urska Cvek (2002) - Visualization-Augmented Bioinformatics
Alexander Gee (2001) - Natural Scenes in a Formal Model of Visualization
Fredy Jara (2001) - Modeling Interactive Multiple Visualizations
Claudio J. Meneses (2001)- Analysis and Visualization of Massively Large Data Sets
Robert Morris(2002) - Interactions with the Light Transport Equation
Marjan Trutschl(2001) - AI-Augmented Exploration of Multi-Dimensional Datasets Using Linked Visualizations

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Associated Faculty

(funded by or have had joint projects with the Institute)

Dr. Daniel Bergeron - Computer Science (University of New Hampshire) - High Performance Graphics
Dr. John Buford - Computer Science - User Interfaces
Dr. Lee Jones - Mathematical Sciences - Pattern Recognition
Dr. Byung Kim - Computer Science - Compression
Dr. Margaret McDevitt - College of Education - Distance Education
Dr. Ken Marx - Chemistry - Human Genome
Dr. John Sieg - Computer Science - Databases

We have also explored visualizations of domain data with: J. Liebowitz (History), French agricultural data of the 1800s; M. Rossi (Toxic Use Reduction Institute), EPA national and state data; G. Hotaling (Criminal Justice), the FBI Homicide data; G. Li (C enter for Advanced Materials), optics data; and others.

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