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Past Doctorate Students
Past Masters Students

Past Doctorate Students

Dr. Patrick Hoffman (1999) - A Formal Model of Information Visualization
Dr. David Pinkney (1999) - Formalization of the Iconographics Visualization Technique
Dr. Hugh Masterman (1992) - Modeling and exploiting sequential data reference behavior in graphics and image processing algorithms
Dr. Weidong Wang (1992) - On the automatic reconstruction of a 3D object's constructive solid geometry representation from its 2D projection line drawing
Dr. Krishnan Seetharaman (1994) - Interaction models for multi-sensory data visualization
Dr. David Southard (1995) - Vector Quantization and Nearest Neighbor Clustering with Applications to Image Compression and Data Visualization
Dr. Lusheng Xu (1996) - Color Appearance Models for Color Reproduction in Graphic Arts
Dr. Jerome Braun (1996) - Speech Processing and Nat. Lang. Integ. in Human-Information Interaction Sys.
Dr. Robert Erbacher (1997) - Visualization of Supercomputer and Concurrent Processes
Dr. John Peter Lee (1998) - Integrating Visualization and Databases - Thesis
Dr. Jose G Annunziato (1998) - Avatars and virtual worlds

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Past Masters Students

Ed Haynes - Ionosphere modeling
Haiyang Zhang (2001) - Visualization of multidimensional databases
Amr El-Basiony (1998)

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