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The Institute for Visualization and Perception Research (IVPR) is an interdisciplinary group whose research and contract activities focus on the development of systems, displays and interaction techniques that enab le scientists to explore multidimensional databases by visual and other perceptual means.

We seek to facilitate and improve the exploration of various types of data, including large statistical databases such as those obtained from studies of health and crime statistics, as well as multiparameter image data like that obtained by earth re source satelites and medical imaging systems.

Our work - which is both theoretical and applied - draws from the fields of computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, psychology, and neurophysiology.

The specific goals of the IVPR are:

  • to apply knowledge of perception to the development of visualization technologies

  • to train visualization scientists
  • to disseminate visualization technology
  • to provide consultation in visualization to industry and government

With its expertise in the areas of interactive visualization of complex data, the IVPR can support information engineering activities: management, analysis, exploration and development. 

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Computer Science Department